Managing your information is very important in today’s digital world and as the world becomes more connected your personal information is going to become more and more valuable and when something has value there is someone out there wanting to steal it.

.The Digital Databank will keep all your information in one place securely. It does not matter what device you have or what technology you are using as long as you are connected to the internet you have access to your information. Anywhere. Anytime.

In the event of a medical emergency the emergency personnel will have access to the information they need to treat you correctly, such as blood group, allergies, chronic conditions etc and they will be able to contact your next of kin.

"The Digital Databank will keep all your information in one place securely"

"Keep Track of all your assets and the associated documentation..."

Password management is becoming a real pain. We all subscribe to a number of services and each one requires a username and password. We get lazy and forgetful so we start using one username and password for everything. Not a good idea. Now you can store all the websites you subscribe to with the specific username and password you use to gain access. Remember me only works on your devices. If you log on using a different device the site won’t know who you are.

Sharing information now becomes so easy. Open your vault, select the information you want to share and send it. The system will keep a record of what information you have shared, with who and when.

Keep track of all your assets and the associated documentation such as Proof Of Purchase, Warranty, Serial Number, Registration Certificate, Road Worthy Certificate. So should you need to provide proof of ownership, have a warranty claim or an insurance claim, all the information is there, in one place ready to be selected and sent electronically to the person or organization requesting the information.

Paper based documents are still very much part of our lives today and we have plenty of them. Birth Certificate, Identity Document, Passports, Visa’s, Gun License, Marriage Certificate, Vehicle Registration Certificate to name but a few can now be scanned and digitally stored in your Personal Digital Vault. You may not think this is important until you have all your possessions destroyed by a natural disaster. The fires in Knysna  is a current example.

"Keep copies of all sensitive documents... you have access to them anytime, anywhere and on any connected device."

Keep copies of all sensitive documents  such as your Living Will, Last Will and Testament, Shareholder Agreements and Title Deeds so you have access to them anytime, anywhere and on any connected device.

A lot happens in our lives and we cannot remember all the detail. Now you can keep a historical record of your life. Schools you went to, companies you have worked for and when, what you got paid and who your boss was.

Then one day when you pass on and the appointed executor of your estate needs to know all this information so that your estate can be properly wound up, there it is all in one place.

There are many more benefits and each and every person will find something that is really useful for them today and as we move further into the digital world so more and more interactions will be electronic so why not start today.

Transform yourself into a Digital Citizen today. Open your very own Personal Digital Vault at The Digital Databank.