At the Digital Databank we take great care to protect your personal information. We have made our website as secure as possible without it been too clumsy to use and manage. We have also locked down our digital vaults behind serious firewalls to protect your personal information. The internet is by its very nature an insecure channel as it was designed to facilitate the free exchange of information and is therefore vulnerable to intrusion, fraud and phishing. So we have taken some extra precautions.

All your data is encrypted at all times. We have also stripped all personal identifiers from your data so that if anyone did get access to our database they would not know who the data belonged to. Credit card numbers are masked so that they cannot be read. We have a Two Step Verification when you access your vault and we are investigating a new Retina Recognition technology that will make your information even more secure.

The protection of your information is our first priority and then making it easy to update, edit and share is our next priority. But these two go hand in hand because once you have selected and shared information neither you nor the Digital Databank have any real control over the third party companies that are used to move your information around and that is why we provide guidelines on what you should share and how to manage your vault. Stick to the basics and you will be safe enough. Criminals don’t like to have to work too hard to get what they want so if we make it difficult enough for them they will hopefully go look elsewhere. But we need you to co-operate. Most data breaches are because people have shared password or their connected devices have been compromised.

Just to make absolutely sure we are doing everything we can to protect your information, not even the staff at the Digital Databank have access to your information.

We do not share any of your information with anybody. You are the only person who has access to your PDV (Personal Digital Vault) and you are the only person who can share your information.

So much of the information you are storing in your vault is already out there. You just don’t know where it is or who has access to it. Become digitally aware and take control of your information. Sign up now.